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Davis Schools Foundation (DSF) owns and operates The Flying Carousel of the Delta Breeze in Central Park.


Thanks to all our generous donors and supporters for helping to refurbish the carousel in honor of its 25th Anniversary!

total raised: $101,085.25

DSF thanks the local businesses supporting our effort:
DSF thanks the following individuals and families for their generous contributions to the 25th anniversary fund:


Vigfus & Ruth Asmundson Family (Sylie the Cat Sponsor)
Irena Asmundson (Frederick the Frog Sponsor)
Kim Eichorn (in memory of Peggy and Art Eichorn, Bob the Dog Sponsor)
Chuck & Cathy Farman (Pickles the Pig Sponsor)
Tim, Gigi, Marissa, Andrew, & Alex Mar (Pegasus the Horse Sponsor)
Steve & Karen Slinkard (Rachel the Sea Turtle Sponsor)
Ciana Wallace (Daisy the Cow Sponsor)
Randy & Lynne Yackzan (Seymour the Seal Sponsor)


Liz Applegate & Jeff Metheny
Alinia, Omen, Zypher & Zhayne Asmundson-Wild
Vigdis Asmundson
Tyler, Sigrid, Zach, Zoe, and Zander Asmundson

Janet & Rex Berry
Davis Sunrise Rotary Club
Kim Eichorn, Lyon Real Estate
Beth Foraker (in honor of all Davis teachers)
Daisy Grace, a Dog ("All the virtues of Man, without the vices")
Jim Gray
Jim & Karen Hopp
Lucas & Stacie Frerichs
Chuck & Alison Roe
Mark & Jackie Rutheiser
Don & Julie Saylor
Nan Yates (in memory of John Yates) 


Louis & Patricia Below (in memory of Peggy Eichorn)
Heidi Bekebrede
Janet & Rex Berry
Brooke & Clay Brandow
Jill Brooks (in memory of Peggy Eichorn)
Joy & Steve Cohan (in honor of Chuck Roe)
Davis Sunset Rotary Club
Linda Dicke
The Dyer Family - Carrie, PJ (DHS '91), Jenna (DHS 2020), Mollie (DHS 2023)
Chuck & Nancy Foster
Robin Geddes
Steven & Teri Greenfield
Pamela Harrison
Mark & Joann Helmus
Barbara & John Hills
Anne Huber & John Whitehead
Barbara Kroesch
Blaine & Barbara Fox Juchau
Sean Langley
Bo, Inger, Jan & Daniel Lonnerdahl
Ed & Ann Maeda (in memory of Peggy Eichorn)
Adair Mcpherson (in memory of John Yates)
Don Morrill
John Mott-Smith
Steven & Kathryn Miura
Pat & Tony Phillips (in memory of Peggy Eichorn)
Donna Sochor (in memory of Jim Sochor)
Kathleen Sylvia & Craig Reynolds
Nancy & Bill Roe
Bob & Jennifer Segar
Jay & Kelly Stachowicz
Henry & Kathy Thornhill
Veale Meads Family
Dorothy Yerxa & Michael Reinhart
Judy Wydick
Ryan Yates (in memory of John Yates)
Happy 25th Anniversary to the Flying Carousel of the Delta Breeze!
In 1995, fifth-generation carousel-maker William Dentzel created our very own Flying Carousel of the Delta Breeze, a pedal-powered carousel featuring eight hand-crafted animals and the whimsical Terri Tomato bench. Today, the Flying Carousel of the Delta Breeze is a Davis landmark and local treasure, proudly owned and operated by the Davis Schools Foundation. In addition to raising funds for all Davis K-12 public schools, DSF gives back to individual classroom teachers and school groups by offering the opportunity for them to operate the carousel to raise funds for their classes and programs. 
The Flying Carousel of the Delta Breeze is usually open Wednesdays and Saturdays during the adjacent Farmers’ Market at Central Park. Unfortunately, the carousel has been closed during the COVID-19 pandemic. DSF has been using the opportunity to make much-needed maintenance and refurbishments! To contribute to this effort, and help ensure that the Flying Carousel of the Delta Breeze is available to delight future generations of DJUSD students and Davis community members of all ages, please click the button above!

How to Rent the Carousel


Public School Groups: If your classroom or school group wants to hold a carousel fundraiser, please contact us at

Private Events: When the carousel is not in use as a school fundraiser, it can be rented for private birthday parties and events for the cost of $200 for two hours. The rental fee supports the upkeep of the carousel and benefits the Davis Schools Foundation’s fundraising initiatives to support excellent public education for all K-12 students in the Davis community. The $200 fee may be paid by check or credit card. To rent the facility please contact us at

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